Matthew Carden is a San Francisco based artist widely known as a pioneer in miniature and toy photography. He has gained both critical and commercial recognition, and is frequently called on by clients such as LucasFilm, HotWheels, and LEGO for custom projects integrating food and toys. His playful and creative scenes evoke the incredible richness, texture and history of food in our culture in a contemporary way.
Growing up in LA in the 70’s and 80’s, Matthew was fed a hearty diet of toys, theme parks, museums, TV and movies, and his work is often themed around popular American culture of that era.
Matthew’s work can currently be found on exhibit in galleries and private collections internationally
This blog will feature my work and musings about food. Food is present in so much of our lives as sustenance, memories, symbolism, and culture!
I’ll also give you “behind the scenes” views from new series and commissions, and keep you up to date on exhibits and pop-up shows.
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